IPPUDO NEWS Japan Branding Awards 2018_EN


July 04, 2019

Japan Branding Awards 2018 Winning!

IPPUDO, which our client CHIKARANOMOTO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. runs, won Japan Branding Award 2018, 「Rising Stars Award」announced by Interbrand Japan, Inc. under our branding strategy consulting.

Interbrand Japan, Inc. started 「Japan Branding Awards」this year (2019) in order to support Japanese companies to grow in many possible ways. Firms, organizations, businesses, and services are evaluated on their branding promotion activities and those considered most influential and creative are given awards.

IPPUDO puts the brand concept/ theme as “Japanese Wonder” which means “To spread Japanese Culture Worldwide”, and this is the solid fundamental of their corporate branding, strategies, and customer experiences. This strong brand spirit has been highly evaluated in the award, and their continuous passion and effort to collaborate with partners from other industries such as fashion apparel, filming, and cosmetics industries have given them the reputation of being one of the most unique and creative firms in the food industry. According to the expansion of their business into the global market, they successfully ascertained the cultural fit for each store location and yet kept the original concept of IPPUDO aligned with them.
As Ippudo passed the milestone of its 30th anniversary of launching in 2015, we started engaging in new branding strategies aligned with their new global entry to add more to its traditional image of “Ippudo = Founder”.