Design has a very broad range of meaning.

For example, advertising design, web design, graphic design, product design, store design …
Besides these, business planning, product planning, event planning, branding, marketing, PR, consulting etc
are all involving designing process in many ways. Everything from schedule management,
accounting, human resources, and even communication and own lifestyle require designing.

We consider that these are also area of design.

We are convinced that design is “thinking” in order to harmonize all these things around us.

Naturally, the genre of design we engage with has become wide range and diverse.

It is also important to logically determine whether all of them are objective and not based on subjective,
and yet necessary. That’s where our design work begins and it is one of our strong point.

“Design that is visible and necessary” and “Design that is invisible, and yet necessary”.

We believe that the power of design is to pursue these two ways of thinking,
and to be able to design the process that is leading to problem solving with certainty.

― Invent new values of products or services
= Creativity, Ability of conception, and Planning capability.

― Aggregate and mediate human resources and physical resources
= information gathering capability, Coordination skills, and Communication ability.

― Reification from pure image to tangible expression
= Creativity, Skills of embodiment, Implementation ability

The foundation of these series of processes are all relay on “thinking by human”.

Design is “thinking that leads things in a positive direction” which is a very common act in our daily lives,
and it is not a special thing at all.

There are many thoughts and ideas given to all entities and experiences around.

Design does not have to be always innovative and impressive like art,
and also visualization is not the only the act of design.

Constructing a solid concept from the planning stage
ensures the high quality of the final output.

We will be at the center of connecting all disciplines and professions,
in order to provide the infrastructure of the co-creation over the boundaries of multiple industries.

This will maximize the image of product and corporate, and the rapture of products and services.
As a result, it leads to sales improvement, brand value and corporate value improvement.

That is the power of design that we think of it as an ideal form.

We believe our mission is to instill the broader meaning that design originally has,
rather than the narrow sense of design, And we are convinced that it is the true value of design.

The company name “Zig” is named after the English word “Jig”.

“Jig” is a high-precision auxiliary device for fixing a workpiece and processing it accurately and quickly,
and is indispensable in the field of manufacturing.

We believe that “Jig” itself is the essence of design.